TWG US Open Final - It's a miracle!
Battle Creek
Ok, so it wasn't a true "miracle", but Vince Polen did shoot one of his best rounds ever recorded in TWG's system. Vince Polen has shot 69 once before in TWG's system but other than that, Vince Polen normally shoots mid to upper 70's. It seems Vince always "up's" hist game for the Majors. If you look back at last years FDX Championship Vince shot 74-70. So like Tiger, Vince comes to the majors to WIN. Simple fact. Rumor has it Vince was at the range all week blistering his hands on perfecting shots he knew he would have during the two day TWG US Open. On the first day of the US Open Trey Coursey shot a low 67 gross, with a bogey on the 18th. Coursey was playing to a plus one handicap so he posted a 68 for the TWG US Open Net Championship. Vince was right on his tail with a 73 Net 69 and Kurt Arras was in the mix with a great 85 net 71. Going into Sunday we all knew it was a tight match as Justing Birdsill and Bryan Buckles were just one shot out of 3 as well. Ron McGee too wasn't out of it as he shot a 93 net 75. Good enough to reduce Ron's handicap from an 18 to a 17 for the Sunday afternoon shootout. Starting off all any of us saw was Vince's runaway. We were using the Battle Creek GPS leaderboard that showed us everything we needed to know. Put the pedal to the metal baby! Vince took off right away going to 1 under par gross for many holes. Vince ended up playing a 2 under 70 bogey free, leaving several birdies out on the course. The best any of the rest of us could do was a 69 gross from Trey Coursey having to add one shot to his score Trey posted a 70 NET to give him a two day total of 138. Coming in a close third was Kurt with a even par net score of 72 giving Kurt a two day total of 143. As many mentioned in the club house after the round on Sunday, Vince did play lights out. The USGA would have figured Vince as a 2.24 index. The fact that Vince Polen shot a 73-70 (71-68 NET) the USGA says that Vince could shoot the 73 1 in 10 times. And that is shown on the Scoring history of Vinces profile. The USGA says that Vince could shoot 4 under NET par 1 in about 150 tries! Wow, thats incredible Vince, you really did step it up this week at the US Open. Vince has always wanted the US Open on his career wins. Congrats to Vince Polen once again for his great play in consecutive rounds at Battle Creek in the TWG US Open shooting a two day total of 1 under par gross, and 9 under par NET. Thanks to all that came out and played. We introduced a new method of gauging our play against one another, that I feel was a success. It was a good change from our typical Quota game, as Doubles do matter!

USOpen Warm Up
Battle Creek
With the US Open coming up next week, many players were warming up their game this week. One of those players was a faithful member Kurt. Kurt is one of those players that just plugs away and comes in -1 or +1, but always stays around quota. Therefore his quota doesn't move much. However today Kurt shot his best round (recorded in TWG's System anyway) of 83. He shot a great 43 on the front and beat that by 3 on the back with a 40. This gave Kurt a whopping +9 overall and launched him into a 2nd 1st 1st! Congrats Kurt! Great round.

11 Points
Battle Creek
The title tells the story. But here is the foreword. It was late March, and 8 of us TWG'ers tee'ed it up at Battle Creek. We went off as two groups, consiting of Trey, vince, Eddie and Gary; with Bob, Justin, Bryan and Mike folling behind. The front nine was a close match. We had 4 guys make there quota points (Trey, Eddie, Justin and Mike) while Bob Drake came in with +2. Bob made a birdie on the Par 5 6th playing straight into the wind. On the following par three playing 200+ yards he scored a par, giving him all the points he needed to take first place. On the back Bob made another +2 points giving him a great overall score of +4, but it shamed in comparison to Mike Jenkins. Before we get to Mikes back nine, let's talk about Vince Polens number 10 hole. Vince saw that Gary Ramsey was playing the same kind of club Vince use to own, so he wanted to hit the Titelist drive once more. Gary allowed him, and Vince blocked his drive into the trees on the right. He then hit a mid iron into the wind, boreing it through the air, it fell to the back part of the green. Vince is known for his 7 iron chipping, but this was rediculous. Gary and Eddie were already on the green their balls not really in play for vinces chip, so we thought. Vince drew his club back and basically scalled it across the green, creeming into Gary's ball redirecting it over to the pin, where it nailed the pin and dropped straight down into the cup, an easy birdie! Now for Mike, he started off the back nine with two straight bogeys. I'm sure his eyes got fire red as he drove the par 4 12th and made a birdie. the rest was a blur of bogeys and birdies, as Mike finished the back nine 1 over par, and a whopping 11 points over his quota! They tell me that he made everything he looked at. Way to go Mike. The closet overall player was Bob who had made a great 4 points, 2 on the front and 2 on the back. That normally would be a great score and would take all the money. But as they tell me Mike had the round of his life, all in 9 holes! Way to go Mike, it's always fun to score well. Thanks for everyone coming out. Tell your friends and let's keep growing this group. It's always fun to have a great group of guys to play golf with on the weekends!

Second Event for 2009
Battle Creek
We had 6 players show up on the sunny Sunday in March. The weather was a bit cool, but the sun was out and we were ready to play. Bryan Buckles shot a 38 on the front nine, a personal best I think! This gave him plus 3 points which helped him shut out everyone else, his closest competitor was 5 points away at -2, which was Bob Drake. Bob has used the winter season to improve his game. Justin shot an even par back nine to grab hold of the back nine money with 4 points. Most of the rust on many of us is still visible in our scores, but a few moments of glory is all we need to keep us coming back for more.

2009 Innagural Event
Battle Creek
It was cold, windy and a bit sunny! We had 9 players come out and join us on our 2 man scramble innagural 2009 event. Thanks so much for braving the chilly weather. All I can say is WOW. The front nine was hot with birdies! We split up into teams with opposite quotas. The teams were: Trey and Mark (New player, welcome!) Vince and Bob, Eddie and Mike, Justin and Bryan, Kurt joined us as a single for 9 holes. We went off as foursomes, the first team followed Trey's PINK pace ball, including Trey, Mark, Justin and Bryan. These two teams made tons of birdies on the front nine. The team of Mark and Trey were the first to strike with a birdie on the very tough par 4 that played directly into the north wind. Unfortunatly, they bogied the par 3 3rd, as Justin and Bryan Birdied it with a great shot from Justin. The next several holes were a blur as both teams had birdies and eagles to finish 4 under and 5 under. This left Trey and Mark behind as they began the back nine. Both teams dropped stokes as they moved through the next couple of holes. The team of Mark and Trey reached the par 5 13th in two strokes, having a 20 foot up hill right to left put for eagle. But first the team of Bryan and Justin rolled a put from off the green about 35 feet to just 2 inches nearly missing another eagle! Trey putted his ball to just a foot or so, tapping in a birdie to tie the team of Justin and Bryan, leaving them one behind with 5 to go. Justin and Bryan birdied the next par 4 and took a 2 stroke lead going to the par 5 15th. Both teams pared the par 5 and moved to the par 3 16th. Both teams missed the green and had to chip up for pars. Justin and Bryan chipped to about 10 foot below the hole, as Trey chipped to about 7 foot above the hole. Justin and Bryan were first to play and sank the putt for par! Putting the pressure on Trey and Mark to hole theres and stay within two strokes with 2 to play. Trey came in clutch as he gingerly putted his 7 footer down the hill and found the center of the cup. We moved to the par 4 17th and Trey hit a terrible drive into the rock lined creek on the right. Mark hit a drive that kept us in play. As we drove out to see where Trey's ball landed, we found it in the dead center of the fairway! Bryan and Justing kept talking about paring out and making Trey and Mark birdie out! We'll Trey took that to heart as he hit a pitching wedge to about 8 foot below the hole. Justin and Bryan missed the green leaving the door slightly open, until they chipped up to a give-me. Mark was first to putt showing Trey a great line, but just missing it on the low side. Trey stepped up and told Bryan Birdie was coming. Trey hit his putt straight to the hole only to see it lip out ever so slightly and miss. Trey tapped in and moved to the par 4 18th, still two behind. Bryan hit a great tee shot down the middle leaving Justin no pressure. Justin hit his into the woods to the right! Trey stepped up and hit his drive exceptionaly long only to find that it had wen't through the fairway bunker and landed near the fence line behind some trees. Trey hit a 5 iron punch shot through the trees to the green about 25 foot away. Bryan had already secured hitting the green and an almost certain 2 putt win. Trey wouldn't let up as he watched Marks putt come up just short. Trey hit his putt and began walking to the hole as he tought it was on a great line, it ended up hitting the back of the hole dead center and falling in for a birdie! Justin and Bryan came up with a 1 shot win over Trey and Mark. We all stopped and watched Eddie, Mike, Vince and Bob finish. When all was said and done, Bob had a great day, getting the most improved player from last year award (not official) and Justin I think eneded up shooting 3-4 under on his own ball on the front! Great job. Except for the cold, it was a great day of golf. We will definetly schedule this type of venue in the future. Come out and join us for our next event at TWG. From a great friend Eddie McGoveran, "If you don't tee it up, you can't win!" See you in the fairways, Trey.

2009 Season Starts!
Broken Arrow
This Weeks Golf is proud to announce the first event of 2009 is only a few days away. We plan to begin the 2009 season with a two person scramble. This will allow players that have not picked up a club in a few months to feel a little less secure about their game on the first tee! We hope to see you there!

New TWG Website Design
The TWG website has been revamped for the 2009 season. We hope to add more features and make the site more user friendly as the year goes by. Click around and have fun!

Winning Streak!
Battle Creek
This Weeks Golf held its British Open 2 day major in near perfect conditions last weekend. We had a smaller field than normal. We only had 10 players, as compared to 12 in the last 2 majors. But it did include 2 new players that have not played in a major yet. The field was strong as usual. The first day produced some nice scores by many. Gary Ramsey shot a 2 over par on the front nine giving him 8 points, making the rest of the field look like a bunch of hacks as the closest competitor was Chuck Searl with 2 points. The back nine on the first day was a little closer, as Vince Polen shot a one over par 37 producing 4 points. Casey Piggie shot a one over par giving him 3 points and Bob Drake with a 46 came up with 2 points. Our overnight leader was Gary Ramsey with 7 points. The final group on the second day was made up of Gary Ramsey with 7 points, Casey Piggie with 4 points, Chuck Searl and Bob Drake with 2 points. The second day was just as beautiful as the first. Bill Leet started the day off on fire! Bill Leet shot 2 under par producing him 11 points. This was a TWG record. Chuck Searl made a charge with a 3 over 39 giving him 5 more points to his total. The back nine charge began by all, as 8 of our 10 players made at least one point to add to there totals. Our second day, one day winner was Bill Leet with a wopping 9 points! David Standley one of our older players came in second making 7 points. Trey Coursey shot a 3 under par 69 adding 4 points to his total. But since Trey Coursey had to get a whopping 21 points each day he fell short at -1 for his two day total. Trey Coursey shot 2 under par for the two days and ended up dead last! I think that would have made the cut at the last hooters tour event held at Bailey Ranch...smile! Gary Ramsey our British Open Champion of the year has a winning streak of 25%. He has played 26 events that have been posted and has been the overall winner in 6 of those events. Wow, what a stat! Tary Wamsey (Tiger Woods) cough..cough….I mean Gary Ramsey. Gary Ramsey jumped up to second on the overall money list, coming in second to Bob Drake, the winner of the TWG US Open last month. Thanks to all for playing and coming out to compete. Congratulations once again to Gary Ramsey our British Open Champion of the year!

Record Rounds in great conditions!
Battle Creek
Major #2 for Thisweeksgolf.com was a great success. We had all of our regulars plus a new member Ron Kelly. The front nine of the first round was dominated by Vince Polen with his even par front nine that scored him 4 points over his quota. The next closest competitor was Chuck Searl at +1 with his 41. There were many players right in the mix, Jon Coursey, Eddie McGoveran, David Standly, Ron Kelly and Bob Drake all were within a couple of points of second place. The back nine produced some great scores by our newest member Ron Kelly, Ron shot a 41 scoring him 4 points over his quota. Bob Drake tied Ron Kelly with a 44 giving Bob 4 points over his quota as well. After the first day Vince Polen had a two point lead over Ron Kelly and Bob Drake. Closely followed by Jon Coursey. As the second day started we found that David Standly did not show up, unfortunately he was withdrawn from the tournament. None the less the tournament continued with Bob Drake shooting an outrageous 42 giving him 7 points more than his quota on the front nine. This launched Bob into first place, making all the other players chase him on the back nine. Eddie McGoveran shot a solid 39 adding 1 point to his total but after shooting another 39 on the back adding yet one more point to his total he fell short with a 2 round total of -1, landing him in 6th position. The back nine produced two charges by the Coursey brothers. Trey Coursey shot a great 34 2 under par back nine producing 5 points. Jon Coursey shot a solid 40 giving his point total another 5 points. This launched Jon Coursey into 2nd place over all for the 2 day US Open Major. Vince Polen shot a great 37 one over par giving his point total another 4 points. This was just enough to sneek into 3rd place over all for the 2 Day Major. Our winner Bob Drake lost two points on the back nine but he still had a commanding lead over the field at 9 points for his 2 day total. Ron Kelly was in position to take over 2nd or 3rd place if he could have played the last two holes. His card was scored as if he shot doubles on both of the finishing holes still giving him a solid position in 4th place overall. Ron Kelly had commitments he had to attend on Fathers Day, we commend him and Vince Polen thanks him, as Vince would have been pushed out of the money if Ron had made one point on both of his finishing holes. Thanks to all who played and we’ll see you at the British as we get ready for ThisWeeksGolf.com’s Major #3!

No Shows
Bailey Ranch
We headed out to Bailey Ranch in Owasso Oklahoma this Memorial Day and were hoping for 7-8 players! With the storm last night and a few things that "came up" we ended up with only 4 players. Dan Cury, Gary Ramsey, Trey Coursey and Vince Polen. Quite the crew if you ask me! Bailey has a regular group that plays at 1:00 p.m on the weekends, so Dan Cury, Trey Coursey and Gary Ramsey joined in there match as well. The front nine had a slew of birdies from Dan Cury and Trey Coursey as they lit it up on the Skins game. Trey Coursey ended up winning a $52 skin on hole 6 (View Photo Gallery) with his 18 foot birdie putt! Dan continued to CAP the rest of the birdies Trey Coursey made on the front nine. Dan Cury hit two of the front nine par 3's and STAKED them as his, as the field could not better his shots at the end of the day Dan Cury made $20 on the par 3's. Dan Cury and Trey Coursey ended up at +6 and +5 on the Quota game respectivly. Both Trey Coursey and Dan Cury cooled down on the back nine, neither one made any birdies on the back nine. Trey Coursey was one shot from winning another $45 Low Gross in the Bailey Ranch match, but fell just short after shooting one over par on the back nine, finishing even par for his round. Dan ended up sweeping the 4 man field for This Weeks Golf with a +6 Front Nine, -3 Back nine +3 overall. Dan moved up the money list with the sweep at Bailey Ranch this weekend. Look for us next week at Battle Creek once again.

Memorial Day Blowout
Battle Creek
This memorial Day weekend produced some great scores by several of our regular's. Trey Coursey started off HOT! He turned the front nine in 32 with a bogey free 4 under par. His quota was 18 and with an outstanding 26 points he finished the front nine at +8. The next nearest competitor was Gary Ramsey, Gary started the day at an 11 quota. He ended the front nine with +3 on his points. On the back nine Trey Coursey cooled down a bit only making one birdie! But if lips could talk they would be chattering about what could have been. Trey Coursey scared the hole 5 times on the back nine but only one fell for birdie. Trey Coursey shot 1 under par on the back nine giving him a bogey free 67 5 under par total. He finished +8 overall on the quota match winning first place. Gary Ramsey finished strong with another +3 on the back making a charge towards Trey Courseys overall +8. Gary Ramsey finished +6 overall and didn't post a score on the 18th hole. With a par on the 18th hole Gary Ramsey could have possibly tied Trey Courseys +8 67. Gary fell into trouble hitting a ball in the high weeds on the right just short of the green. Not being able to advance the ball from the weeds Gary Ramsey picked up and called it a day. Congratulations to Gary Ramsey and Trey Coursey for shooting great golf. Trey Courseys 67 today was the third time in his career he has been able to finish 5 under par. Thanks to all for coming out and enjoying golf this Memorial Day weekend!

Cold and Windy Major #1
Battle Creek
This Weeks Golf’s First Major started with a bang! We had 11 players show up in the cold windy weather Saturday morning. We had a mix of players from scratch (Trey Coursey) to those who would struggle to make any bogeys during their round. The beauty of This Weeks Golf’s main format of competition is everyone felt they had a chance. Mike Lewis who started the day at an 8 Quota fired a +3 winning score for the first 9 holes. Making him $15. However on the second 9 holes he lost those points and fell back to -1 overall for the day. Vince Polen one of our lower handicap players started the day at a 13 Quota. Vince didn’t score well on the first 9 shooting a -3 quota score. However on the back 9 he lit it up making 2 birdies for a +6, making him the overnight leader in our first 2 Day Major. The second day was no pretty picnic. The wind was still 20-25 miles an hour and the temperature never got above 50 during the competition. Our overnight leaders played in the last group having only 4 points between them. Gordan Jennings, Vince Polen and Mike Lewis jockeyed for position on the front 9 getting ready for an epic battle coming down the stretch. Gordan Jennings and Vince Polen found themselves with another competitor Gary Ramsey making a push for the lead after shooting a +6 on the front nine, bringing his total to +3 overall. Gary Ramsey after shooting a -1 on the back nine found himself in the end in 3rd place overall! Gordan Jennings and Vince Polen began the back 9 in a match play situation. Vince Polen would make a great shot and Gordan Jennings would match him with one of his own. Coming down the stretch towards 18 Vince Polen and Gordan Jennings thought they were tied for first place. However after finishing their round Vince Polen was signing his score card and noticed he had written a 5 for the par 3 third. He thought he had made bogey, but no one in the group could remember for sure. As Vince Polen thought through the hole, shot by shot, he could not be for certain that he shot a bogey. This meant that Gordan Jennings found himself atop the podium in first place. Congratulations to Gordan Jennings for firing a +6 overall score for two days. Vince Polen settled for 2nd place after recalculating the points he made putting him at +5. Gary Ramsey found himself in 3rd place after firing a +2 for the two day event. Bob Drake snuck into 4th place, the last spot that was paid in the 11 man tournament. Bob Drake shot a -2 overall 2 day score, after shooting a +4 score in the final round! The conditions were tough and none of our low handicap players (Matt Mitchell a 16 and Trey Coursey an 18) made any money. We all had fun and we are all looking forward to the next major, which is scheduled to be parallel to the PGA Tours next major the US Open in June.